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August 05 2017

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“the days I spent with you are colored brightly and blanketed with love”. - Affection by Arashi

August 02 2017

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[1] Jun Month

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July 31 2017


The worst trick a childhood anxiety disorder pulls is, you spend your early years being applauded for being so much more mature than your peers, because you aren’t disruptive, you don’t want any kind of attention, you don’t express yourself, you keep yourself to yourself - this makes you a pleasure to have in class, etc etc - and you start to believe it’s virtue. But you’re actually way behind your peers in normal social development, and who knows if you can ever catch up.



daydreaming is often a coping mechanism for people who are often lonely or don’t receive a good amount of love in their life, so they make people inside their heads that will love them so they can feel the right amount of love.

in addition, people often daydream about different kinds of love they crave in real life.

for example, lonely people will more likely to daydream about having friends, so they can feel like they aren’t lonely in this world.

people who have friends that constantly dissapoint them will more likely to daydream about friends that meet their (sometimes, unrealistic) expectations.

people who aren’t close to their parents will more likely to daydream about better parents that can love them more than their actual parents.

people who aren’t in relationships but crave them will more likely to daydream about it; either making their own partners or imagining their existing crush with them.

a lot of people don’t even realize the pattern until it’s pointed out. you might not daydream about yourself or putting yourself in those situations, but you still daydream about your characters having the love you crave in real life, because you can still feel the feeling.

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A: I won’t forget you!! Make a lot of friends<3

N: Even if you’re away, just work hard in your Sho-like way!!

J: It’s been fun! I will cheer you on. I won’t say goodbye.

O: Seriously, I really like Sho-kun


Most people I know had that one movie as a kid; that one movie that they would watch over and over and over to the resigned acceptance of their parents. I’ve always thought that movie says something about a person. What was your movie?

July 28 2017


ya know what’s kind of weird? some people name cats “whiskers.” that’s a cat’s body part. that’s so wild. i’m gonna name my son leg

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July 27 2017

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Doesn’t it count as Work clothes though?
I mean, Firemen don’t wear their overalls, jackets and helmets on Halloween, do they?(^^;)

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u readin this?

u a princess.

i dont care if youre a goddamn bodybuilder, ur now princess protein

June 27 2017

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dailysakuraiba #1-100 | subtlesakuraiba #84 - moment in
ARE YOU HAPPY? 【To my homies】
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“art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth” - pablo picasso 

what the fuck

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I feel like this is the moment a young mutant just found out that his power is manifesting sliced bread

i’m about to make tumblr user runcibility’s goddamn day

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