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October 17 2017

Reblog if you're bisexual, or if you support bisexuals, or if you want Queen Elizabeth II to outlive Donald Trump

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reblog with your sign + if you’re a denim jacket, a leather jacket or a bomber jacket person it for science

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Doors~勇気の軌跡~ (Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~) Arashi 53rd Single
Release Date: 2017.11.08

Limited Edition 1 (top)
★ 12-page lyrics booklet

01: Doors~勇気の軌跡~ (Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~) - Theme song for Sho’s NTV drama「先に生まれただけの僕 (Saki ni Umareta dake no Boku)」
02: Winter days
03: Winter days (Karaoke)

「Doors~勇気の軌跡~ (Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~)」PV + making of

Limited Edition 2 (middle)
★ 16-page lyrics booklet

01: Doors~勇気の軌跡~ (Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~)
02: NOW or NEVER

「NOW or NEVER」PV + making of

Regular Edition (bottom)
01: Doors~勇気の軌跡~ (Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~)
02: NOW or NEVER
03: Perfect Night
05: Doors~勇気の軌跡~ (Karaoke)
06: NOW or NEVER (Karaoke)
07: Perfect Night (Karaoke)
08: BORDER (Karaoke)

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new cryptid: tumblr users who have never changed their url

October 12 2017

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Arashi「未完」PV preview²

October 10 2017

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Arashi「未完」PV preview

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October 09 2017

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               “I see. But in a way, they love me too, huh?”

October 01 2017

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Gintama fandom today

Bringing this back BECAUSE

September 30 2017

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Cute Ohmiya ★ Arashi ni Shiyagare Opening 2017 [Part 1]

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death note should have ended here

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dont read me like this

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New season - Porori Arc - ♥

my ig: @gintamayorozuyafans

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